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Why You NEED an Engagement Session

Updated: May 17, 2021

Engagement shoots are not just for photos. Here is why you should book an engagement shoot for video as well.

Why should you book an engagement session for video as well? Well, why not? They are typically not too expensive and the value is amazing. Not only are you going to have amazing looking shots (espescially if you are in a great location), but more importantly the footage can be used as part of the final wedding film. I always encourage couples to book an engagement session with me because it makes for the perfect start to the wedding film. The viewers can get to know the couple before even diving into their wedding day. I like to interview the couple as well at the end of the engagement session and ask them some questions about how they met, when they knew they wanted to get married, etc. I then take this audio and lay it overtop of the beautiful footage and voila- your wedding film now has a beautiful intro that dives a bit deeper and introduces you and your fiancé.

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