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Choosing a Toronto Wedding Videographer

Updated: May 30

Toronto Wedding Videographer

When It Comes to Choosing a Toronto Wedding Videographer, There Is So Much to Consider and It Can Easily Become Overwhelming

Here are 5 steps everyone should take when starting the process

Toronto Wedding Videography

1. Determine your budget

There's not much point in asking your wedding planner for recommendations or scrolling Instagram to find your perfect wedding videographer if you haven't determined what your investment will be. There is a huge range in pricing for wedding videography (2k-10k), so naturally it makes sense that this is step 1 in the process. Keep in mind this also depends on how much coverage you want, what sort of videos you want, and other factors such as whether you need one or two videographers.

2. Determine what style you are looking for

This can be one of those things where many couples know exactly what they want and other couples have no idea what they like or don't like. Your wedding planner can also help with this, so I would encourage having discussions with them as well for guidance. If you know exactly which style/aesthetic you are looking for in a wedding videographer, then this step can obviously be skipped.

If you have no idea or even if you're a little unsure about what you're looking for, then you need to start looking at different videographers to figure it out. There are so many talented wedding videographers in Toronto and the GTA. Watch a lot of wedding films from wedding videographers with different styles- you'll quickly begin to narrow down what you like and don't like. Do you like the cinematic style that can be very dramatic, movie-like, and dreamy? This style is typically characterized by impactful/heavy hitting music, the use of slow motion, orchestrated movements ("look at the camera", etc.), and (sometimes) non-chronological wedding films. Or do you like the documentary style that is more candid, natural looking, and unobtrusive? This style is typically characterized by more use of audio, less camera movement, and more focus on telling a chronological story.

The thing is, there are so many variations and blends of these two main styles. However, one quick way to figure out which side you're leaning towards is to ask yourself, "Would I like being in front of a camera?" If you answered no to this question, chances are you like the documentary approach which will be less involved/obtrusive in regards to the filming (not in your face getting you to do things for the camera).

3. Narrow down your search

Now that you know what style you like and don't like, you can begin to narrow down your search and reach out to videographers whose style resonates with you. This is important- make sure not to get your hopes up with a particular videographer/studio. There is a very good chance many videographers will be unavailable on your wedding date or they're simply over-budget. This is why you need to cast a big net and find several videographers who you like and would be willing to work with.

4. Book Zoom calls with Toronto wedding videographers on your narrowed down list

What so many people fail to think about is the actual person behind the camera. You fall in love with someone's work and you immediately think, "Let's book them", but you have no idea if you even like the videographer as an individual and whether their values align with yours. The reality is the best way to figure this out is to schedule a call. Your time is important and another call with a vendor may not be something that you're excited about, but it needs to be done. There's nothing worse than booking a wedding videographer and then finding out on the wedding day that you're not on the same wavelength and there's a disconnect.

5. Make sure you ask lots of questions and set expectations before finally securing a videographer

The last step of the process is simply asking all the right questions. This is a tricky one because there can be a lot to consider when it comes to this. Here are some examples:

  • What music will be in the videos?

  • Will the speeches be used in the wedding film?

  • Will I receive raw footage of the day?

  • Have you shot at this venue or location before?

  • Have you worked with this photographer before?

  • Will you be using lighting?

  • Will you be capturing lots of footage of the guests?

  • Is drone footage included?

  • What if you can't make it to the wedding?

Many of these questions should be answered in the contract given by the wedding videographer to review/sign, but there will certainly be questions that aren't addressed in the contract. Asking as many questions as possible will help to ensure that each of you are on the same page and that neither one of you will be disappointed or upset in some way down the line. Clarity and communication are key and will help to build your confidence that you've chosen a wedding videographer who won't let you down and will deliver a great experience and keepsake.

Who Am I? Why Should You Trust What I Have To Say?

Toronto Wedding Videographer

I'm Cameron- a Toronto wedding videographer who's had the pleasure of capturing hundreds of beautiful weddings for couples within Toronto, GTA, and around the globe.

I'm all about capturing those candid moments and creating a wedding film experience that embraces minimalistic elegance. If this sounds like what you're looking for, then send me a message and let's chat.



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