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Planning a 2024 Wedding in Toronto

Updated: May 30

2024 Toronto Wedding Planning

Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind when planning your 2024 wedding in Toronto

When planning your 2024 wedding in Toronto, there are some things you are definitely going to want to keep in mind. Even if you have a wedding planner who is taking care of everything, these tips can still apply. As a Toronto wedding videographer, I've seen it all after filming hundreds of weddings and these are some tips that might just make all the difference.

#1- Go to bridal shows to meet vendors

When planning your 2024 wedding in Toronto, your top priority should be securing vendors. While your wedding planner can recommend vendors for your wedding, it's always nice to meet people in person if they are going to be part of your big day. Going to bridal shows like the Wedluxe Show in Toronto is the perfect opportunity to meet the top vendors face to face and see if you connect. It's also just a great excuse to have a night out trying cake samples and socializing.

#2- Don't let your timeline get too crazy

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When your wedding planner is putting together the timeline for your big day, remember that it's important to leave some wiggle room. As a Toronto wedding videographer, the amount of times I've looked at a timeline and knew it wasn't going to work is too many to count. If your timeline has something happening every ten minutes, then realistically that's not going to happen. This is the perfect way to get delayed more and more throughout your day which will likely stress you out. Allow lots of time for everything taking place in the timeline- this will not result in a day that will likely run smoothly and on time, but also allow for any delays and opportunities for you and your partner to relax or eat something. You want to be enjoying your day, not dragging yourself through it trying to tick every box.

#3- Don't forget to have a rain plan

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One thing that is often stressed about, but not always planned for is rain. Ensure that your venue and planner come up with a backup plan in case it pours during your outdoor ceremony or reception. Rain can be nice when it comes to taking pictures with cute umbrellas, but it's not going to go well if it rains during the ceremony, gets everyone wet, and ruins your hair and makeup. Whether that means having a tent setup, or having an indoor backup plan, you should always be ready to avoid rain even if it does mean good luck.

#4- De-stress in the weeks leading up to your wedding

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Stress is something that is inevitable in life, espescially when it comes to planning a wedding. Even with a wedding planner that makes your life easier, it's likely you are still going to be stressed about something. To combat this, try different methods of de-stressing in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Things like massages, meditation, and plenty of sleep will go a long way. You can even take vitamin B pills to help alleviate stress. The point is, too much stress usually results in something else- whether it means more health issues or even relationship issues. Something as simple as having beautiful skin on the day of your wedding can be affected by too much stress.

#5- Check in on your wedding party

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One thing that is easy to forget about is your wedding party. Keep tabs on them leading up to your wedding to see if they have any questions (also to make sure they are ready). Have they got their suit or gown already? Does it need alterations? Something as small as one groomsmen or bridesmaid with the wrong colour suit or gown can really affect the outcome of your photos. Make sure they're ready, without pestering them too much.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when planning your 2024 wedding. There is, of course, a lot of other things to consider, but these are a few that aren't the first that come to mind. As a Toronto wedding videographer, I've filmed enough weddings to know what works. If you keep these tips in mind, you'll be a good spot. Remember, plan effectively to bring your vision to life, but don't let the stress of it all ruin the experience.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect videographer, consider Beau Films for your big day. I produce refined wedding cinematography that blends documentary with fine art. Visit my website to check out my work and see if you like it.


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