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Wedding Videography Packages


Learn More About Our Wedding Cinematography Options

Our wedding videography collections are designed to include everything to make the booking process simple. Each collection includes a wedding film, a trailer, and full videos of the ceremony and speeches. 8, 10, and 12 hour options are available with one or two videographers. 

Please note: 

Custom packages are available upon request

Pricing may be lower depending on the date

Travel fees may apply

All of our wedding films and trailers are edited to be exclusive. The music is carefully selected depending on the energy of the celebration and the couple. This ensures that each video uniquely captures the essence of that day.

Wedding Videography Packages

Wedding Film

Each wedding film is designed to reflect the entire celebration within 5-12 minutes (depending on the collection). This length is long enough to intimately re-experience the day, but short enough to remain engaging and captivating. The vows are utilized to be the defining structure which drives the story. Lastly, these wedding films are meticulously produced to be organic- every aspect working in harmony to create a film that is understated, elegant, and timeless.

Wedding Trailer

The trailer is 1-2 minutes in length and is designed to be a snapshot of your celebration. Compelling, yet still understated. It represents the perfect precursor for the wedding film and the story that is waiting to be told. Share with family and friends to create a stir.

Full Video of the Ceremony and Speeches

These two videos are provided as a keepsake. Having the full ceremony and all of the speeches to look back on is undoubtedly something to be valued. The words, expressions, and feelings can be fully re-experienced and appreciated.


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