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Toronto Wedding
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Toronto Wedding Videography


Toronto Wedding Video


Beau Films at it's core is refined wedding videography that celebrates the beauty in life, love, and art. The authentic feel of my wedding films provides a timeless aesthetic and it's this sense of real that truly defines beauty in it's most natural form. This is achieved through a minimalist approach that 


 It is elegantly simplistic, yet powerful in it's ability to re-create fleeting moments. It's the way storytelling should be-  effect that .  Our artistic and creative freedom is combined to create the natural, yet uniquely captivating style that defines our work.


Cameron Beauchesne | Beau Films | Owner
Toronto Wedding Videographer

Deciding what I wanted to do with my life was never an issue. Movies always had a lasting impression on me when I was young and I was fascinated by them. I eventually went to university and college to study film before graduating in 2012. My plan was to pursue a directing career in the film industry. What happened instead was something I am immensely grateful for. I got a job working as a wedding videographer and quickly fell in love with it. It allowed me to feel the 

creative freedom I sought with filmmaking. Wedding videography also allowing me the opportunity to capture the lifestyles of couples who want to spend their lives together. I founded Beau Films and never looked back. I developed and refined a unique style that was authentic, yet creative. My love for filming couples and their celebrations together has only grown throughout my career and it has given me even more appreciation for my own life and relationship with my partner. 


Brock University | Bachelor of Arts Degree | Film Studies

Fanshawe College | Diploma | Advanced Filmmaking

Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre | Certificate | Drone Training Course

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