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How I Became a Wedding Filmmaker

Updated: May 17, 2021

It is not just a job. It is a passion.

My name is Cameron Beauchesne and I am a wedding filmmaker. When I was young, I first wanted to be an actor. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to be a director. I went to film school (college and university) and, once I graduated, my work career began. I started a videography business called Beaufilms which seemed well suited since the word 'beau', from my last name (French), means beautiful. Over the next few years, I struggled to find work as a recent graduate and slowly added to my port-folio with contract jobs filming promo videos, real estate, events, and finally weddings. Once I started working for a wedding video company, I quickly began to enjoy it. It combined creative freedom with the pleasure of providing couples with a great video of their wedding. It was the realization that wedding videos have come a long way. Long gone are the days of cousins with clunky camcorders- technology has advanced and the market is now saturated with wedding videographers and photographers with amazing cameras. I began to see that this was an opportunity for me, since most of the wedding videographers I was seeing were still filming in an outdated documentary style. It's not that the documentary style is bad, but the majority of wedding videographers are simply 'documenting' weddings and thus the result often feels like a boring wedding video. I believe the difference between a boring wedding video and a captivating wedding film, is that a wedding film is 'cinematic'. It looks like a movie. A wedding film is still documenting the event and capturing genuine moments, but it is doing so in a way that engages viewers and keeps them glued to the screen. This was my inspiration and continues to be. I seek to produce wedding films that will captivate any viewer watching, not just the couple and their family/friends.

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