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Planning Your Micro Wedding/Elopement

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Covid 19... to say we are all tired of this pandemic would be a massive understatement. Everyone has been affected by Covid, but espescially the wedding industry. Now is definitely not an ideal time to be getting married, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't either. Love does not depend on the world being Covid-free and people are always getting engaged.

What to Keep in Mind

So obviously if you are planning a wedding right now, it is a good idea to plan your wedding for next year and hopefully (fingers crossed) things will be better by then. However, not every couple wants to wait until next year. If you are getting married soon, just be aware of the regulations as they are constantly changing. The best bet is to be in contact with your venue as they will know what the restrictions are.

If You Need to Postpone

If it gets to the point where the restrictions are too tight in relation to how many guests you want to have, then sometimes postponing needs to be done. One option that many couples are choosing to do though (instead of postponing) is have a micro wedding- basically a very small ceremony with close family and friends and then have a larger reception next year. This is the time to be hiring a good wedding videographer by the way, as capturing the wedding is more important than ever right now so that those who could not come can still experience it. If you don't want to lower your guest count and decide to postpone, just remember:

  • Don't postpone only a few months! You don't want to have to postpone a second time.

  • Check availability with your most important wedding vendors BEFORE finalizing a new date with your venue (photographer, videographer, etc.)

  • Electronic invitations can be a cost effective alternative to paying for new wedding stationery

2020 and 2021 have been rough, but keep your head up! Getting married is about GETTING MARRIED- not about having a perfect movie-like wedding where everything is perfect. You can still get married now and celebrate with everyone later. Covid has messed up a lot of things, but there will always be love.

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