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Best Wedding Venues in Toronto That are Unique

Updated: Jan 17

Toronto Wedding Venues

Toronto is home to many beautiful wedding venues, but often these venues are essentially blank slates that have to be lavishly decorated in order to become beautiful. This list will focus on venues that are unique and beautiful from the get-go. Let's get started.

Hotel X

Hotel X

Hotel X starts off the list and this place is stunning to say the least. First off, it's obviously a hotel/venue, which is perfect for guests that don't want to Uber home in the middle of night. It also has a ton of amenities, including a spa and rooftop patios/bars with amazing views of the city and the lake. These rooftop patios are also perfect for the photoshoot portion of the wedding. As seen above, their reception space is ultra-modern, simply gorgeous, and very unique. It's all glass and looks amazing during sunset hours. Even the floor is raised above the ground and is transparent. Needless to say, this place offers so much and is a jaw-dropping option if you're looking for a unique venue in Toronto.

One King West

One King West

One King West is pure elegance. It has a very historic feel to it and has various halls and rooms to fit different guest counts. The Grand Banking Hall is stunning (as seen above) and showcases Toronto's only one-hundred-foot bar plus towering, Corinthian columns, and cathedral windows. It's also another perfect venue for guests since they can simply stay the night in a beautiful hotel room. The suites are amazing as well and perfect for getting ready in the morning (they also have large balconies that are great for photos as seen in the video above). All in all, One King West is luxurious venue that features historic charm unlike anywhere else.

Eglinton Grand

Eglinton Grand

This is another very unique venue that offers an aesthetic unlike anything else. I mean, just look at that front entrance. Eglinton Grand is an event venue and cinema that was actually designated a National Historic Site. It was built in 1936 and became an icon for its Art Deco style in Canadian theatre design. This venue is also perfect for getting those iconic photos in front of the building. It is, without a doubt, one of the most unique venues in Toronto offering an awesome aesthetic.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Weddings

It doesn't get more unique than Casa Loma. It is simply one of a kind and stands out among one of the most beautiful and historic venues in Toronto. The castle was built between 1911 and 1914 as a private residence and is now a historic landmark that brings in tourists year-round. There is a beautiful garden and pond outside as well that is gorgeous for photos (the building itself is amazing as a backdrop). The interior consists of the Great Hall with 60ft high ceilings, the Library which offers a unique reception experience, and the Conservatory with its beautiful stained glass dome. Casa Loma is certainly a venue to consider when it comes to unique and beautiful venues in Toronto.

Art Gallery of Ontario

AGO Weddings

Designed by a world-renowned architect (Frank Gehry), the Art Gallery of Ontario blends art with beautiful architecture. It is another modern style venue to add to the list. The venue's dramatic wood-panelled staircases, extensive glasswork, and unique atmosphere offer an experience unlike no other. The interior offers different options for reception/ceremony spaces, including Baillie Court on the third floor which offers stunning views of the city skyline. It is surely a great final addition to the list of unique and beautiful wedding venues in Toronto.

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Thanks for reading!

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