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Wedding Video vs Wedding Film

When it comes to wedding videography, most people think of wedding videos. This is because that's exactly what the first wedding videographers did- they recorded weddings with camcorders and made wedding videos. These videos were far from being considered a 'film', and for good reason. So what has changed? Technology has changed so much that it is now possible for a wedding videographer to produce a wedding film which looks and feels like an actual movie. This is mainly because videographers can now afford a camera that can achieve a much higher level of quality than before.

Traditional wedding videos looked like home video recordings, but they also felt like it. After all, wedding videographers were not trained filmmakers. This is the part that hasn't changed much over the years- wedding videographers are still just videographers. Since cameras are so affordable now, essentially anyone can buy a camera and become a wedding videographer. The result is that modern day wedding videos still look like videos. Wedding films on the other hand are made by wedding videographers who have studied and trained as a filmmaker. They understand cinematic techniques and they know that a film has to tell a story. The result is a wedding film that looks and feels like a movie. This is how wedding videography has changed the most- it is now possible to have your wedding become a cinematic film and not just a video.

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