Wedding trailers are 1 minute or less and are designed for social media. They are not highlight videos that show everything; they are meant to create intrigue and excitement in anticipation for the wedding film. Just as with my wedding films, I carefully craft these videos to be cinematic and captivating. 

Daniel & Ashley waited a long time to get married. They had to postpone several times and were eager to finally become husband and wife. I knew they would be very excited to see their wedding film. This trailer was the perfect way to get them even more excited.

When I first met with Ruth, she told me that she was prioritizing videography for her wedding and she was even debating whether to hire a photographer. She works with videographers and knows the significance and value of good cinematography. She and her husband David had a beautiful wedding and I couldn't wait to show her the trailer and the wedding film. 

Chris and Juliana had their wedding at the beautiful Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek, Ontario. It was at the end of September, so it was expected to be a little cold. The day turned out to be beautiful- warm, no wind, and blue skies. On top of that, they had a picturesque sunset to end the day. Watch this trailer to get a taste of their dreamy day.