Camilo & Elizabeth have a strong love for each other and it is tangible when you see them together. The definition of true love comes to mind. They were married at the luxurious Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario where they had a small ceremony and reception with close friends and family. 

Sarah & Logan met in high school and quickly fell in love. Years later they have a beautiful little girl together and are engaged. Their rustic wedding took place at a brand new venue in Peterborough, Ontario, called Farm Hill. It offers the rooted experience of a wedding surrounded by animals such as Alpacas, but couples this experience with a beautifully designed building that embraces the countryside. 

Cristina & Randy crossed paths early on and became inseparable. They support each other through life and their love for one another has grown throughout the years and continues to grow. Being best friends with your partner is truly something special. They were married at the serene Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge, Ontario. The venue offers a beautiful area on the second floor complete with large balconies overlooking the rolling hills. 

My wedding films are carefully crafted for each couple. A captivating cinematic style is my approach to cinematography and I use that to enhance the story. The result is a wedding film that not only captures the memory of that day in great detail, but also tells a compelling and intimate tale of love that will be admired by anyone who watches it.