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  • Cameron Beauchesne

Do I Really Need a Wedding Videographer?

Updated: May 17, 2021

The short answer is yes.

Wedding photography is not enough.

Many couples decide against hiring a wedding videographer. This is because wedding photography is always a given when it comes to getting married, and thus couples often think, "why get a wedding videographer? We are fine with just having photos." One of the main regrets couples have after getting married is skipping out on wedding videography.

Why do you need a wedding video?

When you recall a beautiful memory, do you see a picture in your mind? We remember things like a scene out of a movie- pictures are for framing in our house to look at and videos are for reliving an experience. Essentially pictures are nice to have, but if you want to have something to vividly remember your wedding day in detail, then a video is a must.

How much should I spend on a wedding videographer?

This is a question that is dependent on many things and, not surprisingly, there is no real answer to this. Budget and location are big factors, but mainly you should be asking yourself whether you just want a video, or a polished looking wedding film. In today's day and age, anybody with an Iphone could film your wedding for you. Obviously paying a professional wedding videographer is a step above that, but by how much? Most wedding videographers 'document' your wedding; meaning they are simply capturing it on video using professional equipment. A wedding film, on the other hand, can be a beautiful thing that looks similar to a movie. The difference is not so much in the equipment, but more so in terms of the individual filming and editing the wedding. The quality difference can be immense in terms of a simple wedding video vs a beautiful wedding film. Getting a beautiful wedding film will definitely cost more, but it will be worth it.

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